Branding process

In 2017 I was approached by the owners of the then "Shoryuken League" to re-brand their business. 
They were aware that their name might be confusing to most people and might not accurately showcase what they are as a business. Which is: gaming lounge and bar. So, they chose the name "Game Pub" to be as straight forward as possible. 


example from owners

old logos


Collecting information

One of the owners knows a bit of Photoshop and sent me this image as a place to start. 
In turn I sent them a custom version of the branding questionnaire that I use to get a feel for what a client would like out of their logo/brand. 

What is your company's mission statement or goal?
 Who is your audience? (who does your organization see and provide services for most often) 
 Where will your brand logo be seen and used most? 
 What imagery would you like associated with your organization? 
 What are some adjectives you would use to describe your organization? 
 Is there a feeling that you would like your brand to have? (i.e: educated, friendly, strong, etc.) 
 Are there other brands, logos or colors that appeal to you or your organization?



After reviewing their answers to the questionnaire I drew up a series of sketches and scheduled an in-person meeting to discuss some design ideas and take notes.
The takeaway from this meeting was to mix the shape of a game boy and a beer mug together.


Rough drafts and font choice

The owners wanted to try a soft pixel looking font and a Cheers logo inspired font. 
I gave them some drafts of several different choices of fonts in this range, some fonts that were similar to their old logo fonts, and some more modern fonts. 
In the end they decided that they would want something more clean and modern looking for font styles, and that they'd like to be even clearer with the logo to only show a beer and a controller. 



Final drafts

Initially these were to decide if they would like a vertical or horizontally oriented logo, but the owners chose to have all of these versions to use for different types of promotion.
The horizontal version is used in the brand signage and menus and the vertical version is used on the shirts and social media sites. 


Game Pub_menu_fin.jpg


Since the business is a bar, the lights are often dim. 
These were created to be as visible as possible in low light and also were a throw back to their original logo that incorporated some paint splashes. 

Each side dish has a custom icon made in the style of the logo.

Game pub_web icons-02.jpg

Calendar Icons

The owner's also requested icons for their online calendar to advertise events.