Edge SB-1 Launch Strategy (digital)

During my time at Bowtech Archery I was able to be a part of the planning and execution of the product launch strategy for the Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 bow. Diamond Archery is the "friendly/family brand" portion of the Bowtech brand family. 
The bow was created to be adjustable and easy for beginners and young people to use.   


Creation of strategy and timeline

I was tasked with gathering information from the marketing, production, sales departments, and CEO to create an editable cloud document that could be shared between the different departments to ensure that we were all on task. For each step of the strategy we assigned a task manager to ensure anyone involved in the strategy would know who to contact for specific questions. We would meet each week to ensure we were all on task, where I would give a visual presentation of our progress.
The product launch was heavily web-based, but also included: magazine ads that lead people to our social media and landing pages, a dealer mailer that included instructions for how to participate in hyping up the release, and coordination with celebrity archers that provided instructions on how to promote the release on their social media accounts. 
The campaign was extremely successful. 
Once I left Bowtech I created a product launch strategy outline based on our efforts, so that I could easily explain the process to any future employer.


Social Media Strategy

Email signup was set up through Mail Chimp, Contests with Woobox, and social media content was collected using Wayin. 
Our strategy was to tease a portion of the product specs for the bow each day for the week before the release, then release the full product specs on the last day of the week. People were encouraged to interact with the brand online with daily contests and consistent customer interaction from our social media manager. 
The social media graphics and message drove people to the landing page to learn more.


Landing pages

I coded both landing pages using HTML and CSS in Notepad with Bootstrap methods.

The initial landing page consisted of a timer set at one week. I would update the site each day to release a new piece of information about the bow. This was timed to coincide with the social media manager's post each day. 

When the countdown ended the site changed to display:
Intro video by celebrity archers (collected from marketing assistant manager/celebrity liaison)
Product photos (taken by local photographer)
Bow specs (collected from production department)
Product reviews from magazines and websites (collected from marketing manager)
Youtube channel and video tutorials (made in collaboration with sales and marketing departments and local videographer)  
Social media content display (collected through Wayin)